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Documentation Delivery and return policy


Initial Order Refund Policy
100% refund of the price of the product minus shipping charges within 30 days of placing order. Orders must be approved for a return before sending them back.

Subsequent Orders Refund Policy (Any orders placed after the initial order) 
Refund is of 90% of the price of the product minus shipping charge and minus 10% restocking fee.  Subsequent orders are only eligible for a refund within 30 days of placing the order. Orders must be approved for a return before sending them back.

Returns and exchanges on promotional sales tools and marketing materials may be classified as “resalable” if currently being offered for sale by the Company. This condition will be determined after examination by the Company. The Distributor will then be refunded ninety (90) percent of the net cost of the materials, less shipping costs.

How Refunds Affect Commissions
The costs of refused orders may be deducted from the refund amount. Shipping, handling fees and customs fees/charges are nonrefundable. Any set offs, Commissions, bonuses, or commissions derived from those orders paid to the Associate or anyone else in the Upline that are attributable to the returned product will be deducted from the Distributor’s or the Upline’s accounts until all set offs, Commissions, bonuses and all commissions are recovered. A “claw-back” transaction will appear as a debit on the Distributor’s or Upline’s next Commission Report.

Product Return Requirements for Orders. 
For product to be returned, the product must be in resalable condition. To be classified as “resalable”, the product must be unopened and unencumbered, with current labels and seals intact and in good condition. Product is not regarded as “resalable” if the shelf life or expiration date is not within one hundred eighty (180) days or six (6) months of expiration, if the product(s) seals have been broken or tampered with, if the item has been discontinued, or if a particular item has been originally sold under a clearly defined, discontinued, seasonal, or special promotion. Product condition will be determined after thorough examination by the Company.

Approval To Return an Orders for a Refund
For a product return contact to get an RMA# (Return Merchandize Authorization #). Once you have contacted us, we will send you an email with your RMA#. You will write your RMA on the top of your return package before sending it back to us. The order will be returned to the same address found on the original label as the Sender.  RMAs will only be sent to orders that fall within APLGO refund policy. Orders refused upon delivery will have the refuse shipping back charges deducted from the refund total.

Product(s) returned without previous RMA# authorization will not be refunded.  Returns over $400 a year might result in account suspension.

The following procedures apply to all returns for refunds.
The customer/associate who made the purchase directly from APLGO must return the product(s).

The shipping return charges are the responsibility of the customer/associate returning the product.
APLGO will not cover any return shipping charges.
The product(s) must be returned in its original container.
The return must have a Return Merchandise Authorization number (RMA), which can be obtained by emailing
The RMA number must be written on the outside of each package, or the shipment could be returned to the sender.
If returned product is not received by APLGO distribution center, it is the responsibility of the customer/associate to trace the shipment. APLGO is not liable for items lost or damaged in transit.  
The product will need to be returned by traceable means.  We advise you to get a tracking number when returning your product for your own personal records.
Product returned without an Approved RMA# will not be refunded.
The product is to be returned within 14 days of receiving an approved RMA#.

Exchanges/Disputed Charges
The original product will need to be returned within 90 days of original date of purchase. The product will need to be returned by traceable means as it is the responsibility of the associate to make sure the product is delivered to our distribution center. APLGO does not cover shipping charges for any exchanged. All exchange shipping charges are to be paid by the associated. The exchange product will be sent once the product has been returned.  

All associate filing chargebacks with their financial institution will have their account suspended for 30 days. If the chargeback has not been withdrawn within 30 days of the suspension, the account will run the risk of being terminated. 

Damaged or Defective Product Policy
If an order or product was received damaged or defective APLGO will replace the product at no cost to the associate. 
The associate will need to send an email to with pictures of original shipment showing the damaged or defective product. All damaged and defective product will need to be returned before a replacement order or product is shipped.